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Sendable Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for Sendable:
LiveWindowSendable NamedSendable SendableChooser Trigger ADXL345_I2C ADXL345_SPI ADXL362 AnalogAccelerometer AnalogInput AnalogOutput AnalogPotentiometer BuiltInAccelerometer CANJaguar CANTalon Compressor Counter DigitalInput DigitalOutput DoubleSolenoid Encoder GyroBase PIDController PowerDistributionPanel PWM Relay Solenoid Ultrasonic Command Scheduler Subsystem Button

Public Member Functions

virtual void InitTable (std::shared_ptr< ITable > subtable)=0
 Initializes a table for this sendable object. More...
virtual std::shared_ptr< ITableGetTable () const =0
virtual std::string GetSmartDashboardType () const =0

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::string Sendable::GetSmartDashboardType ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual std::shared_ptr<ITable> Sendable::GetTable ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void Sendable::InitTable ( std::shared_ptr< ITable subtable)
pure virtual

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