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PCM Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PCM:

Public Member Functions

 PCM (UINT8 deviceNumber=0)
CTR_Code SetSolenoid (unsigned char idx, bool en)
CTR_Code SetAllSolenoids (UINT8 state)
CTR_Code SetClosedLoopControl (bool en)
CTR_Code ClearStickyFaults ()
CTR_Code GetSolenoid (UINT8 idx, bool &status)
CTR_Code GetAllSolenoids (UINT8 &status)
CTR_Code GetPressure (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetCompressor (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetClosedLoopControl (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetCompressorCurrent (float &status)
CTR_Code GetSolenoidVoltage (float &status)
CTR_Code GetHardwareFault (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetCompressorCurrentTooHighFault (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetSolenoidFault (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetCompressorCurrentTooHighStickyFault (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetCompressorShortedStickyFault (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetCompressorShortedFault (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetCompressorNotConnectedStickyFault (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetCompressorNotConnectedFault (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetSolenoidStickyFault (bool &status)
CTR_Code GetBatteryVoltage (float &status)
void SetDeviceNumber (UINT8 deviceNumber)
CTR_Code GetNumberOfFailedControlFrames (UINT16 &status)
CTR_Code GetSolenoidBlackList (UINT8 &status)
CTR_Code IsSolenoidBlacklisted (UINT8 idx, bool &status)
CTR_Code isModuleEnabled (bool &status)
CTR_Code FireOneShotSolenoid (UINT8 idx)
CTR_Code SetOneShotDurationMs (UINT8 idx, uint32_t durMs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CtreCanNode
 CtreCanNode (UINT8 deviceNumber)
UINT8 GetDeviceNumber ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CtreCanNode
void RegisterRx (uint32_t arbId)
void RegisterTx (uint32_t arbId, uint32_t periodMs)
 Schedule a CAN Frame for periodic transmit. More...
void RegisterTx (uint32_t arbId, uint32_t periodMs, uint32_t dlc, const uint8_t *initialFrame)
 Schedule a CAN Frame for periodic transmit. More...
void UnregisterTx (uint32_t arbId)
CTR_Code GetRx (uint32_t arbId, uint8_t *dataBytes, uint32_t timeoutMs)
void FlushTx (uint32_t arbId)
bool ChangeTxPeriod (uint32_t arbId, uint32_t periodMs)
template<typename T >
txTask< T > GetTx (uint32_t arbId)
template<class T >
void FlushTx (T &par)
template<class T >
recMsg< T > GetRx (uint32_t arbId, uint32_t timeoutMs)
- Protected Attributes inherited from CtreCanNode
UINT8 _deviceNumber

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