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1 /*----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
2 /* Copyright (c) FIRST 2009-2016. All Rights Reserved. */
3 /* Open Source Software - may be modified and shared by FRC teams. The code */
4 /* must be accompanied by the FIRST BSD license file in the root directory of */
5 /* the project. */
6 /*----------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
8 #pragma once
10 #include "ErrorBase.h"
11 #include "MotorSafety.h"
12 #include "Resource.h"
13 #include "MotorSafetyHelper.h"
14 #include "PIDOutput.h"
15 #include "CANSpeedController.h"
16 #include "HAL/cpp/Semaphore.hpp"
17 #include "HAL/HAL.hpp"
18 #include "LiveWindow/LiveWindowSendable.h"
19 #include "tables/ITableListener.h"
20 #include "NetworkCommunication/CANSessionMux.h"
21 #include "CAN/can_proto.h"
23 #include <atomic>
24 #include "HAL/cpp/priority_mutex.h"
25 #include <memory>
26 #include <utility>
27 #include <sstream>
32 class CANJaguar : public MotorSafety,
33  public CANSpeedController,
34  public ErrorBase,
35  public LiveWindowSendable,
36  public ITableListener {
37  public:
38  // The internal PID control loop in the Jaguar runs at 1kHz.
39  static const int32_t kControllerRate = 1000;
40  static constexpr double kApproxBusVoltage = 12.0;
42  // Control mode tags
45  static const struct EncoderStruct {
46  } Encoder;
49  static const struct QuadEncoderStruct {
50  } QuadEncoder;
53  static const struct PotentiometerStruct {
54  } Potentiometer;
56  explicit CANJaguar(uint8_t deviceNumber);
57  virtual ~CANJaguar();
59  uint8_t getDeviceNumber() const;
60  uint8_t GetHardwareVersion() const;
62  // PIDOutput interface
63  virtual void PIDWrite(float output) override;
65  // Control mode methods
66  void EnableControl(double encoderInitialPosition = 0.0);
67  void DisableControl();
69  void SetPercentMode();
70  void SetPercentMode(EncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev);
71  void SetPercentMode(QuadEncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev);
72  void SetPercentMode(PotentiometerStruct);
74  void SetCurrentMode(double p, double i, double d);
75  void SetCurrentMode(EncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev, double p, double i,
76  double d);
77  void SetCurrentMode(QuadEncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev, double p,
78  double i, double d);
79  void SetCurrentMode(PotentiometerStruct, double p, double i, double d);
81  void SetSpeedMode(EncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev, double p, double i,
82  double d);
83  void SetSpeedMode(QuadEncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev, double p, double i,
84  double d);
86  void SetPositionMode(QuadEncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev, double p,
87  double i, double d);
88  void SetPositionMode(PotentiometerStruct, double p, double i, double d);
90  void SetVoltageMode();
91  void SetVoltageMode(EncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev);
92  void SetVoltageMode(QuadEncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev);
93  void SetVoltageMode(PotentiometerStruct);
95  // CANSpeedController interface
96  virtual float Get() const override;
97  virtual void Set(float value, uint8_t syncGroup = 0) override;
98  virtual void Disable() override;
99  virtual void SetP(double p) override;
100  virtual void SetI(double i) override;
101  virtual void SetD(double d) override;
102  virtual void SetPID(double p, double i, double d) override;
103  virtual double GetP() const override;
104  virtual double GetI() const override;
105  virtual double GetD() const override;
106  virtual bool IsModePID(CANSpeedController::ControlMode mode) const override;
107  virtual float GetBusVoltage() const override;
108  virtual float GetOutputVoltage() const override;
109  virtual float GetOutputCurrent() const override;
110  virtual float GetTemperature() const override;
111  virtual double GetPosition() const override;
112  virtual double GetSpeed() const override;
113  virtual bool GetForwardLimitOK() const override;
114  virtual bool GetReverseLimitOK() const override;
115  virtual uint16_t GetFaults() const override;
116  virtual void SetVoltageRampRate(double rampRate) override;
117  virtual uint32_t GetFirmwareVersion() const override;
118  virtual void ConfigNeutralMode(NeutralMode mode) override;
119  virtual void ConfigEncoderCodesPerRev(uint16_t codesPerRev) override;
120  virtual void ConfigPotentiometerTurns(uint16_t turns) override;
121  virtual void ConfigSoftPositionLimits(double forwardLimitPosition,
122  double reverseLimitPosition) override;
123  virtual void DisableSoftPositionLimits() override;
124  virtual void ConfigLimitMode(LimitMode mode) override;
125  virtual void ConfigForwardLimit(double forwardLimitPosition) override;
126  virtual void ConfigReverseLimit(double reverseLimitPosition) override;
127  virtual void ConfigMaxOutputVoltage(double voltage) override;
128  virtual void ConfigFaultTime(float faultTime) override;
129  virtual void SetControlMode(ControlMode mode);
130  virtual ControlMode GetControlMode() const;
132  static void UpdateSyncGroup(uint8_t syncGroup);
134  void SetExpiration(float timeout) override;
135  float GetExpiration() const override;
136  bool IsAlive() const override;
137  void StopMotor() override;
138  bool IsSafetyEnabled() const override;
139  void SetSafetyEnabled(bool enabled) override;
140  void GetDescription(std::ostringstream& desc) const override;
141  uint8_t GetDeviceID() const;
143  // SpeedController overrides
144  virtual void SetInverted(bool isInverted) override;
145  virtual bool GetInverted() const override;
147  protected:
148  // Control mode helpers
149  void SetSpeedReference(uint8_t reference);
150  uint8_t GetSpeedReference() const;
152  void SetPositionReference(uint8_t reference);
153  uint8_t GetPositionReference() const;
155  uint8_t packPercentage(uint8_t *buffer, double value);
156  uint8_t packFXP8_8(uint8_t *buffer, double value);
157  uint8_t packFXP16_16(uint8_t *buffer, double value);
158  uint8_t packint16_t(uint8_t *buffer, int16_t value);
159  uint8_t packint32_t(uint8_t *buffer, int32_t value);
160  double unpackPercentage(uint8_t *buffer) const;
161  double unpackFXP8_8(uint8_t *buffer) const;
162  double unpackFXP16_16(uint8_t *buffer) const;
163  int16_t unpackint16_t(uint8_t *buffer) const;
164  int32_t unpackint32_t(uint8_t *buffer) const;
166  void sendMessage(uint32_t messageID, const uint8_t *data, uint8_t dataSize,
167  int32_t period = CAN_SEND_PERIOD_NO_REPEAT);
168  void requestMessage(uint32_t messageID,
169  int32_t period = CAN_SEND_PERIOD_NO_REPEAT);
170  bool getMessage(uint32_t messageID, uint32_t mask, uint8_t *data,
171  uint8_t *dataSize) const;
173  void setupPeriodicStatus();
174  void updatePeriodicStatus() const;
176  mutable priority_recursive_mutex m_mutex;
178  uint8_t m_deviceNumber;
179  float m_value = 0.0f;
181  // Parameters/configuration
182  ControlMode m_controlMode = kPercentVbus;
183  uint8_t m_speedReference = LM_REF_NONE;
184  uint8_t m_positionReference = LM_REF_NONE;
185  double m_p = 0.0;
186  double m_i = 0.0;
187  double m_d = 0.0;
188  NeutralMode m_neutralMode = kNeutralMode_Jumper;
189  uint16_t m_encoderCodesPerRev = 0;
190  uint16_t m_potentiometerTurns = 0;
192  double m_forwardLimit = 0.0;
193  double m_reverseLimit = 0.0;
194  double m_maxOutputVoltage = 30.0;
195  double m_voltageRampRate = 0.0;
196  float m_faultTime = 0.0f;
198  // Which parameters have been verified since they were last set?
199  bool m_controlModeVerified = false; // Needs to be verified because it's set in the constructor
200  bool m_speedRefVerified = true;
201  bool m_posRefVerified = true;
202  bool m_pVerified = true;
203  bool m_iVerified = true;
204  bool m_dVerified = true;
205  bool m_neutralModeVerified = true;
206  bool m_encoderCodesPerRevVerified = true;
207  bool m_potentiometerTurnsVerified = true;
208  bool m_forwardLimitVerified = true;
209  bool m_reverseLimitVerified = true;
210  bool m_limitModeVerified = true;
211  bool m_maxOutputVoltageVerified = true;
212  bool m_voltageRampRateVerified = true;
213  bool m_faultTimeVerified = true;
215  // Status data
216  mutable float m_busVoltage = 0.0f;
217  mutable float m_outputVoltage = 0.0f;
218  mutable float m_outputCurrent = 0.0f;
219  mutable float m_temperature = 0.0f;
220  mutable double m_position = 0.0;
221  mutable double m_speed = 0.0;
222  mutable uint8_t m_limits = 0x00;
223  mutable uint16_t m_faults = 0x0000;
224  uint32_t m_firmwareVersion = 0;
225  uint8_t m_hardwareVersion = 0;
227  // Which periodic status messages have we received at least once?
228  mutable std::atomic<bool> m_receivedStatusMessage0{false};
229  mutable std::atomic<bool> m_receivedStatusMessage1{false};
230  mutable std::atomic<bool> m_receivedStatusMessage2{false};
232  bool m_controlEnabled = false;
233  bool m_stopped = false;
235  void verify();
237  std::unique_ptr<MotorSafetyHelper> m_safetyHelper;
239  void ValueChanged(ITable* source, llvm::StringRef key,
240  std::shared_ptr<nt::Value> value, bool isNew) override;
241  void UpdateTable() override;
242  void StartLiveWindowMode() override;
243  void StopLiveWindowMode() override;
244  std::string GetSmartDashboardType() const override;
245  void InitTable(std::shared_ptr<ITable> subTable) override;
246  std::shared_ptr<ITable> GetTable() const override;
248  std::shared_ptr<ITable> m_table;
250  private:
251  void InitCANJaguar();
252  bool m_isInverted = false;
253 };
virtual uint32_t GetFirmwareVersion() const override
Get the version of the firmware running on the Jaguar.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1708
void SetVoltageMode()
Enable controlling the motor voltage without any position or speed feedback.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1456
virtual float GetTemperature() const override
Get the internal temperature of the Jaguar.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1590
virtual double GetSpeed() const override
Get the speed of the encoder.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1617
void SetPositionMode(QuadEncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev, double p, double i, double d)
Enable controlling the position with a feedback loop using an encoder.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1424
A table whose values can be read and written to.
Definition: ITable.h:43
virtual double GetD() const override
Get the Differential gain of the controller.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1147
void SetPositionReference(uint8_t reference)
Set the reference source device for position controller mode.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:970
virtual void SetVoltageRampRate(double rampRate) override
Set the maximum voltage change rate.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1675
virtual void ConfigFaultTime(float faultTime) override
Configure how long the Jaguar waits in the case of a fault before resuming operation.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1881
Definition: MotorSafety.h:14
void DisableControl()
Disable the closed loop controller.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1207
void UpdateTable() override
Update the table for this sendable object with the latest values.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1984
Live Window Sendable is a special type of object sendable to the live window.
Definition: LiveWindowSendable.h:18
uint8_t GetPositionReference() const
Get the reference source device for position controller mode.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:987
virtual void SetP(double p) override
Set the P constant for the closed loop modes.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1007
virtual float GetBusVoltage() const override
Get the voltage at the battery input terminals of the Jaguar.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1554
virtual double GetI() const override
Get the Intregral gain of the controller.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1131
virtual double GetP() const override
Get the Proportional gain of the controller.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1115
virtual void ConfigReverseLimit(double reverseLimitPosition) override
Set the position that if exceeded will disable the reverse direction.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1841
Only use switches for limits.
Definition: CANSpeedController.h:58
void requestMessage(uint32_t messageID, int32_t period=CAN_SEND_PERIOD_NO_REPEAT)
Request a message from the Jaguar, but don't wait for it to arrive.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:425
virtual void ConfigPotentiometerTurns(uint16_t turns) override
Configure the number of turns on the potentiometer.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1760
void StopMotor() override
Common interface for stopping the motor until the next Set() command Part of the MotorSafety interfac...
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1943
static void UpdateSyncGroup(uint8_t syncGroup)
Update all the motors that have pending sets in the syncGroup.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1903
void SetSpeedReference(uint8_t reference)
Set the reference source device for speed controller mode.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:943
virtual void ConfigMaxOutputVoltage(double voltage) override
Configure the maximum voltage that the Jaguar will ever output.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1861
virtual float GetOutputVoltage() const override
Get the voltage being output from the motor terminals of the Jaguar.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1566
void setupPeriodicStatus()
Enables periodic status updates from the Jaguar.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:468
virtual float GetOutputCurrent() const override
Get the current through the motor terminals of the Jaguar.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1578
virtual void ConfigEncoderCodesPerRev(uint16_t codesPerRev) override
Configure how many codes per revolution are generated by your encoder.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1741
Class to read quad encoders.
Definition: Encoder.h:40
void SetSpeedMode(EncoderStruct, uint16_t codesPerRev, double p, double i, double d)
Enable controlling the speed with a feedback loop from a non-quadrature encoder.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1382
bool getMessage(uint32_t messageID, uint32_t mask, uint8_t *data, uint8_t *dataSize) const
Get a previously requested message.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:442
void EnableControl(double encoderInitialPosition=0.0)
Enable the closed loop controller.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1169
void StopLiveWindowMode() override
Stop having this sendable object automatically respond to value changes.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:2005
std::string GetSmartDashboardType() const override
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:2011
virtual void DisableSoftPositionLimits() override
Disable Soft Position Limits if previously enabled.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1799
Definition: priority_mutex.h:22
void InitTable(std::shared_ptr< ITable > subTable) override
Initializes a table for this sendable object.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:2015
void SetPercentMode()
Enable controlling the motor voltage as a percentage of the bus voltage without any position or speed...
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1239
virtual void SetControlMode(ControlMode mode)
Used internally.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1520
virtual void ConfigNeutralMode(NeutralMode mode) override
Configure what the controller does to the H-Bridge when neutral (not driving the output).
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1726
virtual void ConfigForwardLimit(double forwardLimitPosition) override
Set the position that if exceeded will disable the forward direction.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1824
Base class for most objects.
Definition: ErrorBase.h:66
virtual void SetInverted(bool isInverted) override
Common interface for inverting direction of a speed controller.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1952
virtual void Set(float value, uint8_t syncGroup=0) override
Sets the output set-point value.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:244
virtual void Disable() override
Common interface for disabling a motor.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:323
A listener that listens to changes in values in a ITable.
Definition: ITableListener.h:18
void ValueChanged(ITable *source, llvm::StringRef key, std::shared_ptr< nt::Value > value, bool isNew) override
Called when a key-value pair is changed in a ITable.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1962
Interface for potentiometers.
Definition: Potentiometer.h:16
virtual float Get() const override
Get the recently set outputValue setpoint.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:316
virtual void ConfigSoftPositionLimits(double forwardLimitPosition, double reverseLimitPosition) override
Configure Soft Position Limits when in Position Controller mode.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1787
virtual void ConfigLimitMode(LimitMode mode) override
Set the limit mode for position control mode.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1809
std::shared_ptr< ITable > GetTable() const override
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:2020
virtual ControlMode GetControlMode() const
Get the active control mode from the Jaguar.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1545
void StartLiveWindowMode() override
Start having this sendable object automatically respond to value changes reflect the value on the tab...
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1999
uint8_t GetHardwareVersion() const
Get the version of the Jaguar hardware.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1715
Definition: CANSpeedController.h:56
Use the NeutralMode that is set by the jumper wire on the CAN device.
Definition: CANSpeedController.h:48
uint8_t GetSpeedReference() const
Get the reference source device for speed controller mode.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:960
void updatePeriodicStatus() const
Check for new periodic status updates and unpack them into local variables.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:502
uint8_t getDeviceNumber() const
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:227
virtual bool GetForwardLimitOK() const override
Get the status of the forward limit switch.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1629
void SetCurrentMode(double p, double i, double d)
Enable controlling the motor current with a PID loop.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1302
virtual void SetD(double d) override
Set the D constant for the closed loop modes.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1079
virtual bool GetInverted() const override
Common interface for the inverting direction of a speed controller.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1960
void sendMessage(uint32_t messageID, const uint8_t *data, uint8_t dataSize, int32_t period=CAN_SEND_PERIOD_NO_REPEAT)
Send a message to the Jaguar.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:408
CANJaguar(uint8_t deviceNumber)
Constructor for the CANJaguar device.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:177
void verify()
Check all unverified params and make sure they're equal to their local cached versions.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:545
virtual uint16_t GetFaults() const override
Get the status of any faults the Jaguar has detected.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1657
virtual double GetPosition() const override
Get the position of the encoder or potentiometer.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1605
virtual void SetPID(double p, double i, double d) override
Set the P, I, and D constants for the closed loop modes.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:996
StringRef - Represent a constant reference to a string, i.e.
Definition: StringRef.h:39
virtual bool GetReverseLimitOK() const override
Get the status of the reverse limit switch.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1641
Luminary Micro / Vex Robotics Jaguar Speed Control.
Definition: CANJaguar.h:32
Interface for "smart" CAN-based speed controllers.
Definition: CANSpeedController.h:17
virtual void SetI(double i) override
Set the I constant for the closed loop modes.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:1043
virtual void PIDWrite(float output) override
Write out the PID value as seen in the PIDOutput base object.
Definition: CANJaguar.cpp:333
Definition: CANSpeedController.h:46