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2011 Java Updates

Software updates for the 2011 FRC Season are now located on the FIRSTForge WPILib project server. To access the content you don't need a FIRSTForge account. You do not need WPILib project membership - please don't request it. The software is located in 3 areas:

 and you can access the Project Home with news and other information.

Java for FRC - Updated 2.15.2010

The Java for FRC update now supports (and requires) the V20 cRIO image.

After installing this update you must upgrade your cRIO to the latest update from National Instruments. You can find it here:

Java for FRC - Updated 2.4.2010

The Java for FRC update contains the following improvements:

Getting the update depends on your Internet connectivity. The procedure is different for systems connected to the internet vs. those that are not. Both methods are described in more detail in the Getting Started with Java document. This procedure describes updating the FRC plugins, for a fresh install be sure to follow the directions in the Getting Started book.

Systems connected to the Internet

Be sure that you have added as an update site in the plugins panel in NetBeans. Click on the Updates tab in the plugins panel and install the FRC Squawk SDK plugin. If you are presented with the option of updating the Update Service, be sure to do that first as it will prevent the FRC updates from being offered. Once the updates are installed, that's all you need to do.

Systems not connected to the Internet

Download the .NBM files from onto a flash drive and bring it to the development computer. Open the plugins panel and select the "Downloaded" tab. Click the "Add plugins..." button and select the .NBM files downloaded from the web site. Select the plugins and click the "Install" button. This will install the newest versions of the Java plugins.

Java for FRC - Updated 1.9.2010

For the 2010 FRC competition Java Technology is being offered as an option for teams to use in developing their robot programs. Java for FRC is being made available as a prerelease to all FRC teams as an opportunity to learn more about the language and the tools that will be available.

What’s included

There are several pieces of software that make up the tool suite for Java programming:

All these tools are available from the links at the bottom of this page.

What if I find problems or have questions?

You can post your questions in the FIRST forums at this URL:

The beta teams as well as the developers at WPI and Sun Microsystems who created the software monitor this forum. Post issues there and we will try to address them as soon as possible. In addition, other teams with different experiences might also have answers that would help you.

Can I use non-Windows development systems?

Java technology is fundamentally designed to run on any platform so the development tools (NetBeans) have been tested on Windows, Mac OSX 10, and Linux. We would like to hear your experiences using it on various operating systems. One note, however… you will be required to use a system running Microsoft Windows XP or Vista to initially reimage your cRIO. After that is done, you can develop your code using any of the systems.

Getting the Software

Download the following pieces of software to get going:

Note: this software currently requires the V19 cRIO image to be installed to operate properly!

Follow the instructions in the Getting Started guide to tell you how to install the rest of the tools and get your cRIO image updated to support the Java environment. Be sure to go to the FIRST Forums if you have any issues or questions.

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